mercato FIRENZE

Spring 2011

The Novoli Market in Florence, Italy is unlike the other markets of the city in that it used not by tourists, but primarily by locals. Its location is also considered to be the "gateway to the city" as it is located adjacent to the airport and the main highway connecting the city to Northern Italy. The current market, however, is lackluster and lacks the spirit of the Italian food culture. The new design incorporates the values of the Italian food culture by taking advantage of views of the hills in the North, acknowledging the cityscape to the south, and positioning the marketplace in the center of the complex. The new design incorporates a restaurant and cooking school, conference hall, culinary library, and hotel spaces nestled above the marketplace in the hill-like roof system.

The market's form is the result of site conditions, responding to the countryside in the North and oscillating upward in response to the city on the South. As an attempt to reclaim some green space in the city, the roof functions as a garden and surface for growing produce to be sold in the market. The triangulated pieces allow for sloped walkways accessing the hotel rooms, as well as a kaleidoscope effect for each of the growing surfaces with different plants. The green spaces extend north of the market to become a community park with small pavilions, picnic areas, as well as sports fields.